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"Our testers noticed a clear difference immediately... Perhaps our favorite new dog product"

Pet Land Review

"I received two HoverLeashes as a gift...makes walks and runs with my collie super smooth and hassle free. YES, it actually works! So cool! "


Michelle W., New Haven, CT

"It's not expensive so I thought I'd give it a try. It's got a clever design design that handles kids love using our HoverLeash"

Conor B., Abilene, TX

"I'm 73 and my lab is 14 years old with joint pain and diabetes. Your leash has made walking more comfortable for both of us."

Gwen R., Boise, ID

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What's a HoverLeash?

HoverLeashes are like other dog leashes but better. When you go on walks or runs with your dog, do you frequently have to free the leash from under your dog or untangle it from around his or her legs? 

These are very common, annoying problems that interrupt the flow of your outings, and are uncomfortable for your little friend. HoverLeash is the only leash that solves this problem!

All HoverLeash models contain a specially-engineered, patent-pending device that lifts the leash up and away from the dog's legs, making for the smoothest, most hassle free excursions you've ever experienced. Guaranteed to work.

How It Works

HoverLeashes use an innovative, specially-engineered semi-rigid plastic device that is molded securely to the bottom of the leash. The patent-pending "U-shaped" device increases the stiffness of the bottom of the leash, directing the leash out and away from the dog's legs,

HoverLeashes extend straight when taught and, when the leash goes slack, the leash re-takes its "U" shape. As a result, the leash never goes underneath or near your dog's legs, allowing for perfect, peaceful, uninterrupted walks and runs. 


Why Choose HoverLeash


There is nothing we love more than walking our dogs. Walks are never enough—walk in the morning, walk in the noon, walk in the evening! It is, however, not uncommon for difficulties to arise during this simple, everyday activity. Often your dog's leash gets tangled or caught between its legs.  Adding to that, your dog can't wait to continue walking while you bend over, untangle it, and readjust it. It was  precisely for this reason that HoverLeash was invented. 

All HoverLeashes are hand-finished, durable, and high quality. HoverLeashes are competitively priced to traditional leashes that don't even have the added benefits of the HoverLeash. 

Whom can benefit?

HoverLeashes are ideal for anyone who owns, cares for, or walks dogs!

Children, whose low height and inexperience leads to frequent entanglements with traditional leashes, really love using HoverLeashes. 

People with physical pain or limited mobility find HoverLeash to be a game-changer. 

Professional dog walkers and sitters really appreciate HoverLeash, as its benefits become all the more apparent when one has to handle multiple dogs at once. 

It is the dogs themselves who benefit most from the Hoverleash, particularly puppies who are not yet used to walking on leashes, and more senior or disabled dogs. Walks are a dog's favorite part of the day but tripping on a leash is uncomfortable for any canine. With HoverLeash, walking becomes more enjoyable and peaceful.

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