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Benefits of HoverLeash

The Problem

On walks and runs, dogs like to change speeds, weave back and forth, and take sudden detours to smell or chase things. It's very common for dogs to step over traditional leashes particularly when they're a bit slack, getting trapped under them or tangled around their legs, leading to the dog tripping and requiring you to stop the walk, bend down, and untangle the leash--often several times every outing. This is disruptive and can be uncomfortable for the dog. 

Thus, HoverLeash steps in to save the day!

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Traditional Leashes


The history of HoverLeash

The inventor of HoverLeash was inspired to develop a solution to help his elderly mother - who has severe arthritis and osteoporosis - and her dogs. Regardless of which traditional leash she used, the leash would get tangled up under her dogs several times every walk and it was becoming increasingly difficult and painful to bend down and untangle the leashes. Although merely annoying for most people, this is a significant problem for many individuals who live with pain or have other physical limitations that make bending over or squatting in order to untangle the leash, difficult or impossible.


Who Benefits from a HoverLeash?


Any dog owner, lover, or walker can benefit from HoverLeash! Let's go into more detail.

A Hoverleash provides the most benefit to dogs themselves. The experience of tangled, pulled, and straining its leash isn't fun for a dog. It makes walking easier and more enjoyable for them, and since walks are their favorite part of the day, it is imperative to have it!

Also, dog walkers of all levels, especially children whose low height makes traditional leashes more prone to entanglements, as well as people who suffer from physical pain or limited mobility, find that HoverLeash is a great choice. 

More about HoverLeash

All our leashes feature the hallmark of HoverLeash, a patent-pending device that prevents the leashes from ever getting tangled under the dog. 


Our Zen Hands-Free Leash frees you from using your hands altogether during walks, helpful for people in wheelchairs or other walking assistive devices. 

Many of our leashes have additional features that are helpful for persons with limitations. For example, our Co-Pilot and  Double Take leashes have a wide, soft neoprene handle that makes gripping and handling the leash easier for persons with hand pain and dexterity limitations. 


All HoverLeashes employ EZ Slide clips to make fastening and unfastening the leash as easy as possible, reducing crimping and making the leash easier for persons with hand pain and limited dexterity. 

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