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Is Hoverleash safe for my dog?

Yes, HoverLeash is completely safe and even safer than a traditional leash in that it eliminates problems that arise when traditional leashes get wrapped up around the dog's legs, which is uncomfortable and even potentially dangerous. 

How does HoverLeash work?

It uses a unique, semi-rigid plastic tubing (between 12-18 inches long) that is molded securely to the bottom of the leash. This patent-pending device has been engineered to stiffen the bottom of the leash, and its "U" shape was designed to extend the leash out and above the dog's legs. When the leash is taught, the leash extends straight. When the leash goes slack, the leash re-takes its "U" shape. The result is a leash that never gets near the dog's legs, leading to perfect, peaceful, uninterrupted walks and runs. 


Is there a hands-free model of HoverLeash?

Yes. The HoverLeash Zen Hands-Free Leash (which you can find on our product page) ties around your waist or shoulder, so you can text and scroll in peace without having to stop and untangle the leash from around your dog’s legs.

Which leash should I choose based on my dog’s size?

The dimensions of each model are specified on the product pages on the HoverLeash website. Some models of HoverLeash come in multiple sizes. If you order a product that turns out to be not appropriate for your dog, you can return it for a different size or model, or a refund. 

Is HoverLeash heavy?

No. HoverLeashes are not noticeably heavier than standard dog leashes.

How can I wash Hoverleash?

HoverLeashes can be easily hand-washed like any other dog leash. 


My dog chews everything. How durable is Hoverleash?

HoverLeashes are made of high quality materials and are designed to be durable. In fact, some people report that the plastic tubing provides extra protection against dogs chewing at and fraying the bottom of the leash. 

I walk more than one dog at a time - which one should I choose?

Any model would be great, as they all simplify the experience. The Double Take Leash, found on our product page, makes walking two dogs at once as easy as it gets. It’s great for parents of multiple dogs and professional dog walkers alike.

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